From an interview with Professor John Wheeler, 2003 on The Science Show, Radio National Australia….

“Q: Many great scientists throughout their life have a vision. Do you have a vision?

John Wheeler: “Well, to me it’s the picture that the whole of this existence of ours will some day have its single, central principle spring to life, that will be so natural we’ll say to ourselves: How could it have been otherwise and how could we have been so stupid all these years not to have seen it?”

Wheeler was a great physicist and the teacher of Richard Feynman, Hugh Everett and our friend, Edwin Taylor. Wheeler died in 2010.(Thanks Susan Kocen for finding this quote)

We agree with Wheeler, and are also “searching for that single, central principle…” that is almost obvious.  In addition, we are searching for central principles that not only correspond to known quantum/string physics and cosmology, but also to Aboriginal creation myths from around the world.