The Shaman's BodySan Francisco. Harpercollins.

A psycho-shamanic exploration of the teachings of Carlos Castaneda’s Yaqui Indian teacher, Don Juan Matus. This book is both a passionate spiritual text, filled with practical exercises showing the shamanic underpinnings of everyday reality.

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From Booklist , November 15, 1993

Mindell’s is one of the most sober-minded and informed recent books on the subject. He warns us, for instance, that shamanism is not an individualistic search for peak experience but a form of psychic community service. His is an unsentimental, unsensational view of shamanism that emphasizes its challenges rather than its ego-gratifying power. Using the vocabulary of Carlos Castenada’s Don Juan books, Mindell discusses shamanism in many aspects of Western life–for instance, in therapy, medicine, and partnering. His strong, mature voice merits wide hearing. Pat Monaghan.

Read an excerpt from Chapter One. (PDF format, 84 KB)

P.S.   This book is a process oriented view of Castaneda’s (real   or fantasy) shaman   figure, don Juan Matus.   His teachings follow the broad outline of ancient Toltec concepts.