Goddess and LionGoddess and LionOne summer day in August of 2004, Amy was playing with colored acetate plastics. Suddenly she discovered or “saw” what she called “a king emerging”.

Later, Arny walked by the picture and said, “Oh! Look at the goddess and lion in there!”

Here are some questions we are researching:

  • What do you see when you look at the king? Do you see the Goddess and the Lion “in” the King?
  • If you can see different parts of the King, can you also imagine seeing a human being with her different parts — such as that Lion, Goddess and King?
  • Why do we often see only the person, and less frequently all the art within her?
  • Who are we human beings? Who chooses which things get created, then “added” (superposed) within us to create who we are?

Do you have any problems related to identifying yourself as a person only instead of an individual full of diverse parallel worlds? This is one of the many places where quantum physics (and its parallel worlds) is a type of psychology– and where psychology is a kind of physics and art.