Particle Physics and Mythic Journeys. Quite accidentally, our recent research into the nature of light and matter following the approach of Richard Feynman’s QED (quantum electrodynamics, best described in his book, The Strange Theory of Light, and Matter) has uncovered new, elemental links connecting the nature of our psychology with the properties of the universe. We have long been looking for fundamental and easily understood connections between the theory of matter, Taoism and process-oriented psychology. It seems as if we are now at the edge of this research.

By using Feynman’s concept of “direction” in complex space, (a method which is part of the standard model” in elementary particle physics), it has been possible to elucidate what we mean by “process,” “path” and “mythic journey” to create simple practices and theories revealing mystical depths and everyday resolutions. The quantum mind is connected with the concepts of directions, tracks and body feeling.