Near Death Experiences

We are pondering the interconnections between the teachings of Carlos Castaneda’s shaman-teacher, don Juan Matus, and the teachings of near death experiences (NDEs). We are thinking about the NDE experienced by C.G. Jung and reported on in Chapter 11 of his “Memories Dreams and Reflections”. There he speaks of an NDE that occurred during a heart attack where he saw his life in a “snap shot”, part of a timeless “flow”, free of the “imprisonment” of life, space and time.

Who are We and What Moves Us About?

While we were pondering the origins of the universe and the meaning of gravity, we came across this picture from the NASA web site “Windows to the Universe”. This makes us ask what do we experience as pulling and moving us about? What is gravity? Why is it here? It’s obviously something like magnetism which pulls on iron, but also very different than magnetism. For you can be any kind of matter and you will be influenced by gravity! As therapists we must ask ourselves what is it that moves us one way one day, and then moves us in another way on the next day? Is it magnetism, is it gravity, dreaming…or what do you call it?”