Once again, we are exploring Aboriginal shamanistic traditions, and the teachings of Castaneda’s Don Juan. In particular, we wonder just what is needed for individuals and groups to “shape shift” and change “assemblage points”. That is, what is needed to move from the time and space identification of everyday reality to the “Nagual”, that is to temporarily move into the “rheo-mode.” Rheo means “stream” or “flow”. We therefore speak of a “rheo-mode” to mean the flow of the dreaming process. We are very thankful to Emetchi for the 150 feet long wonderful mural she painted on the driveway wall outside the Process Work Institute of Portland. She let us use two of the many pictures of that mural. When we saw what we call her “Bear Dance”, we immediately thought of what it is like to dance at the edge, and of the shaman’s sense of earth power at that point. The second picture, “At the Edge Before the Rheo-mode” we see the larger perspective of what happens at the edge. When we dance at the brink, the known world is behind and the rainbow serpent path lies in front, leading the shaman-artist into the unknown.

Bear dance Rheo mode

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Images by Emetchi of Portland