In this photo, Albert Einstein wants to know What are the thoughts behind the structure and patterns of our universe? In Einstein’s mind, knowing those patterns, would be knowing “The Mind Of God”.

We too wonder about “the Mind of God”. But perhaps the very question about the nature of the universe is itself a “koan”? That is, such questions may be something that are not really meant to be answered!  Perhaps that question about the nature of the universe is a puzzle that is meant to throw us into an altered state of openness. :-)

We think that state of openness itself is an answer to Einstein.  The fundamental pattern of our universe must be the capacity to wonder, and reflect. Everything gets interested and starts wondering or at least “sniffing” something else.

In any case, after seeing so many different kinds of ongoing conflicts, and moments of the most incredible resolutions this year, we too sense there is a kind of self-reflecting “mind in our universe” that appears frequently even in the worst mess. For one reason or another, perhaps many people, even those in conflict are directly or indirectly unified at least in wishing to know: “What is God’s Mind?”

(This picture comes from an Einstein Poster in my office… and appears on