Because we have been studying the physics of “entanglement”, we were happy to read the recent attempts of physicists to explain this remarkable and “counter-intuitive” quantum phenomenon. Simply stated, entanglement occurs when two particles that were once close together and part of the same quantum system, remain instantaneously connected even though they may become vastly separated at opposite ends of the universe.  Is there a possible signal connecting them? Einstein called their “entangled” connection, “spooky action at a distance.” We know that Einstein was often quoted wondering about the nature of what he called, “The Mind of God.” (See below.) Is this “Mind” behind those “spooky”  entanglements? Or are there (as yet) unknown signals, traveling many times faster than the speed of light? Download the full article below.

Download article Download “Entanglement remains a mystery” from, August 13, 2008 (92Kb PDF file)