Perhaps all animals have a compass, that is a “sixth” sense about how to be “in tune” with the earth.

Recent studies of aerial photographs taken of animals on the earth indicate that cows, elk, deer and possibly all animals sense the earth’s magnetic field, and know how to align themselves with the north/south direction.  According to professor John Phillips, a sensory biologist from Virginia Tech University, in the US, this magnetic ability might be “virtually ubiquitous in the animal kingdom”.  That is, this ability is everywhere.  He adds “We need to think about some really fundamental things that this sensory ability provides in animals.” (Se below for the full BBC article.)

For us, this sixth sense is important information.  Arny’s most recent book, “Earth Based Psychology” centers on people’s ability to associate feelings and dream experiences with directions, and use them to interpret dreams, and find their “way” through inner life and outer relationship situations. E.B.P. was derived from a combination of Richard Feynman’s theories about how particles move, and Australian Aboriginal and shamanistic Native American abilities to know when and where to move, at a given moment.

In brief, dreaming means among other things, following the earth’s magnetic field.

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