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October 2014 Updates

Gwyn Fallbrooke

One Night arny dreamed: ” Put on Facebook that “The most IMPORTANT – yet least known fact is“EVERY INDIVIDUAL IS A HUGE DIVERSITY ISSUE ! “ 


Why do people become killers and want to exterminate others? We must simply fight +stop them! — BUT— perhaps some wars can be eased by realizing mass killers themselves are/were often suicidal+hopeless about life. Hopelessness is a BIG world problem; some of us must learn to “treat” hopelessness socially+personally in it’s earliest stages. Then, there might be fewer killers. 

 Everything is moved by unseen forces

Everything is moved by unseen forces. This leaf is held by a spider’s invisible web and moved by an unseen wind –invisible to Amy’s camera. Much of our lives seems fixed and unchanging, Yet some force –and not just your everyday self–is MOVING YOU TOO. If you don’t notice that, you are missing a big part of life.— (thanks Amy for the video!)  Click here to see her video:

Sitting in the Fire,  Working on Yourself Alone, Working with the Dreaming Body.

These 3 books were sold out and are now republished.

Body symptoms are not just “symptoms.”

Shamanism in Dream-Body Work! Yes, Arny was amazed in fall classes to see someone work with an altered state on the symptom of Vertigo, finding new, creative “anti-aging”energies in that symptom’s energy.

Jung’s “unconscious” and our “space-time dreaming”

thanks to IAPOP for posting this quote: “I am saying that there are organizing fields in the background: call them the mind of god, the processmind, the quantum wave function, or space-time dreaming fields. This is the most evidence-based explanation of experience I know of. We sense fields entangling things as if they were the earth’s atmospheres, powers and fields making us dance. This dreaming is a common ground; it is like Einstein’s space-time ether concept, connecting ordinary observers in different places in the universe. Dreaming is something like the four-dimensional space-time experience of general relativity.” Arnold Mindell 2013, Dance of the Ancient One, p. 69-70.