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TOKYO; Seminar; Processwork and the GODS

Tokyo, Japan: Seminar

April 28th+29th   Taitou-Kuminkan,   10-1, 2:30-5:30pm

Processwork and the Gods; consciousness and our planet's future

What can we learn by reviewing some of the many aspects of world religions and traditions. Is their an "infinite" shared by many or all? How can we use our studies to help with personal suffering, relationships and world issues?

Day 1. The Infinite in World Religions, ...Allah, Jesus, Buddha, Yaweh, Shinto, Tao+....

Day 2. The Infinite in Processwork (in psychology and science and world issues)

Keep in touch for updates in August 2017

Seminar Room: Taitou-kumin-kan, Asakusa, Tokyo Japan.

Contact in Tokyo:  Chikako and Yukio Fujimi