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Welcome Amy and Arnold Mindell's website. Find information about upcoming events, Process Work, Worldwork, and more.



Watch some of Amy's music and instructional videos below. To see more you can visit her YouTube channel. You can also click here to listen to her music albums.


Amy loves choreographing dances to bring her dreaming world ALIVE. Now she is DANCING on a VERY TINY SCALE!. See her 2 new stop motion animations (they are similar but the two pieces of music that she  composed brings out different styles). The dancers remind her of dreaming. She hopes they bring some of that feeling to you as well.




In Amy's (beginner's attempt) at stop motion animation she tries to bring these skating dancers to life. They are accompanied by one of her pieces of music. Amy says about the skaters, "They remind me to flow with my sentient dreaming body. I hope they remind you as well."

"How To Enjoy And Get The Most Out Of A Flirt"

Watch animated figure Sally Ru give a simple introduction to the concept of flirts in Process Work (process oriented psychology)

“How Do You Look Today?”

This is Amy’s animated music video about breaking through self criticism. It shows how a woman deals with an inner critical figure appearing in the mirror!

“Should I Talk To My Animal Or My Human Side?”

Take a look at this video to find out how to solve the conflict between your deepest instincts and everyday mind !

“Mother of Our Country: An Earth-Based National Anthem for Everyone”

Amy was inspired by the United States holiday, Independence Day, to create a new earth-based “national” anthem. Mother of our Country speaks of someone who, like the planet herself, is a home for everyone –from the courageous to the shy, from the mountains to the seas.  She writes, 'in this way, the words and melody are for everyone, not just people from the United States – Hope you enjoy it.'


“Flute Dance by the Sea”

Amy created this music and stop motion animation after a moving vision of a flute player making music by the sea.




“Deep in the Night” Video

Deep in the Night” is a lullaby of Amy’s that expresses a core process oriented psychology (process work) idea: When you’re alone, there’s always an inner river–your inner process and flow– to guide you. Hope you enjoy it.





The Master and the Flower

The “Master” created out of wire, clay, and tissue paper. 

The “Master” created out of wire, clay, and tissue paper. 

In the video, you will see how the Master discovers the essence of Process Work, namely, that everything changes. The concepts of “old” and “young” also lie in the background of this video. if you’re perceptive, you’ll notice that the Master realizes there is no such thing as old or young. He himself is just a process.

“The Gorilla In Me”

See how Professor Applehead discovers his inner gorilla! Professor Applehead and the Gorilla are meant to be goofy and fun. The reason is to make one of the greatest conflicts in the world today easier. That is, the conflict between the rational mind and our more natural ecological mind that knows how to play in the forest. In this video, you may see Professor Applehead, the rationalist, transforming slowly. Enjoy.

Wild Willy and the King of the Night

“Coastal Town”

This video of Amy’s also appears on City of Yachats new website –click here to see the GoYachats website.

The Stars At Night: Amy's First Animation Film, 2007

“The Stars at Night” was Amy’s first attempt to express her music and images in animation. She enjoyed showing it for the first time to friends at the Process Work Institute in Portland in May, 2007. See and hear Slinky Mama, Wild Willy, the Maestro and more of her animated figures singing and dancing in person! 

What I want to be when i grow up: Amy's First Musical Puppet Film

Amy created a musical-puppet film she called, “What I Want to Be When I Grow Up”, starring Silly Milly and the Vitamins. This 35 minute video is meant to be a lot of fun, awaken the mind and pull on the heartstrings of anyone who has ever dared to dream about their future. It features Harry the Hippie and Mr. Groucho Gloom, along with Silly Milly, Chez Noodle, the cook and others. With 14 original songs, the video is meant for adults and kids.