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Video Is A Wonderfully Creative Way For Me, Amy, To Bring Together

Images, Puppets, Animation, Music, And Ideas! 

On this page you can watch some of the musical and educational videos that I have created over the years. To see more you can visit my YouTube channel. (To listen to my music, click music albums. You can also see the way I used animation to creatively explain Worldwork ideas by clicking Worldwork Animation.) Below you'll find:

*My Newest Music Video

*Stop Motion Animation Videos

*Animated Songs from my film "The Stars at Night" 

*Other Music Videos

*Educational and Entertaining Videos about Process Work

*Selected Videos from my musical puppet film, "What I Want to be When I Grow Up!" 


Newest Music video: "Holy Woman"

This song is about the essence (a kind of phase 4) experience in which my own spirituality makes itself conscious to me. Hopefully, it will mean something to others as well. This is the first time i am posting a video of myself singing + playing one of my own songs (because i've been shy about doing that in the past). Hope you enjoy it. 




Stop Motion Animation Videos

One of my favorite things to do is to sense the motion that the little animated figures I created want to make and then move them ever so slightly in order to help them dance. I then find a piece of music that I feel brings out the dance even more and put it all together. Admittedly, I am an utter novice in stop motion animation, but I love the possibilities and feelings it creates! Here are a few that I have done over the years. 

Animated Songs from my Film "The Stars at Night" 

This film (2007) was my first attempt to express my music and images through animation. I enjoyed showing the film for the first time to friends at the Process Work Institute in Portland in May, 2007. See some of the clips from that film below or click on the last image to see a playlist of tunes. star The film stars such figures as Slinky Mama, The Orchestra, Wild Willy, the Maestro and many more! 

Other Music Videos 

Educational + Entertaining Videos about Process Work 

Below you'll find videos that speak (or sing!) about various aspects of Process Work.

(The first video is the beginning of an entire 40 part series that Amy created to teach about Worldwork --the small and large group aspect of Process Work. To watch the whole series, Click here!) 

Selected Videos from my film "What I Want to be When i grow up!"

In my first musical puppet film a bunch of fun puppets)Silly Milly and the Vitamins!) sing their answers to the question, "What Do I Want to be When I Grow Up?" The film is meant to awaken the mind and pull on the heartstrings of anyone who has ever dared to dream about their future. It features Harry the Hippie, Mr. Groucho Gloom, Silly Milly, Chez Noodle, the Academician, the Overgrown Child, the Musician, and others. With 14 original songs, the video is meant for adults and kids. Below are a selection of some of the videos. Enjoy!