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Art + Puppets

 Art and puppets

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I (Amy) identify as a process oriented therapist, teacher, author, conflict resolution facilitator, and also a dreamer :-) .  I have always loved expressing myself and my experiences artistically through music, visual art, and dance! On this page I share some of the artwork and puppets I have created over the years, both at home and in my creativity classes.  (Click on the images to enlarge them.) **If you want to use any of these images in some way, please just get in touch with me at Thanks! 

(You can also listen to some of my MUSIC and/or see some my music and educational videos.)



I have recently become possessed by making art creations entirely with flower petals, leaves, and other plants.  

In June 2017, I published a magazine of some of these creations called, "The Life of Flowers: 80 art creations with flowers and plants." See how nature created new worlds (through me). To purchase, click here.  You can see some of my creations below and many more in the magazine. Hope you enjoy them!

Instagram: You can also follow my earlier and latest flower creations on Instagram at:

Puppets, Masks, and a few other things!

I just have to make puppets and speak with them! For me, they bring the dreaming world to life in the most amazing and tangible way. Here are some of the many puppets that came to life over the last years. They are very demonstrative! And they occupy so many chairs in our house that there is nowhere for Arny or I to sit anymore! :-) Ha!!

Puppets from my musical Film "What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

Many years ago I created my first puppet film starring "Silly Milly and the Vitamins." All of the puppets sing their answers to the question, "What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up!" (You can see some of the videos + songs from this show at  ...)