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Frequently Asked Questions

Immediate Social Action

Question. Will you take a stand about an urgent subject?
Answer: Yes.  Our basic position is “deep democracy.”  Please create a forum or meeting as soon as possible. With you, we shall try to model the world we need.  If we can’t be present, we shall find others who can.

Organizational Work, Open Forums and Conferences

Question: Our organization is troubled by structural problems, and or personal and group conflicts. Can you help? Answer: Sometimes we can settle problems quickly after a quick chat. Alternatively, we can visit you and your group face to face or on Skype and work things out. 1 or 2 days at the most are usually needed. Alternatively, we can check in periodically.

Question: Can you do an open forum in our city?
Answer: We or friends in our group will surely help when possible.

Question: Can you speak at our conference?
Answer: We need about 1 to 1.5 years advance notice at this point to consider the possibility. But if we can’t make it, we have good friends who are at least at good at what you may need as we are.


Question: Can anyone come to your seminars?

Answer: Yes, usually anyone can come, except to classes in Portland especially designated for diplomates in processwork.

Question: Do you need special education to attend?
Answer. No, most of our work includes a short introduction for those who have never been with us before.

Question: What do you charge an organization who needs your help?
Answer. If we have time, and depending upon the situation and group, we will either not charge for our work, or will negotiate a price depending upon the goals and economic situation of the organization, the country etc.

Question: What is your scholarship policy?
Answer. Depending upon need, at least one out of ten people comes free (or 2 pay half etc). When possible, these folks are asked to help with the administration of the seminar.

Question: Do you have a responsibility waiver for your seminars?

Answer: We don't use a formal one. We assume that people come to explore new ideas and how these ideas apply to themselves and others. We assume each takes responsibility for their own experiences and the way they work with themselves and others.  

Interconnection with other groups

Question: Are you a Jungian?
Answer: Arny’s first love was Jung. He was a Jungian Training analyst and feels closely connected with the Jungian community.

Because of our links to Esalen and other communities, we also feel closely connected to other psychological and spiritual communities whose philosophies include interest in all states of consciousness, people, relationship styles, and groups.

Individual Work

Question: Can you recommend someone in my area to work with?
Answer: Yes.  To save time, please mention very briefly your image of an ideal helper, and very generally, what sort of help might be needed.

Question: Do you need medications with psychotic states if you use process work?
Answer: We are not physicians and cannot answer this question. Process work is not “anti-medicine”, but synergistic, in the sense of trying to work with everyone and each system that can be helpful.

Question. Why not call process work “therapy.”
Answer: We often do, but in essence, process work is more than “healing” in the sense of “making someone better” but rather focuses on following the individual, relationship or group’s overall nature and process.

Question: Which books do you recommend for beginners, those interested only in organizations, only in individual psychology, or politics, science, comawork?
Answer: Please see the top of our Books page. Thank you.

Coma Work

Question: Can you tell the world about the amazing coma-awakenings I have had?
Answer: Please send us a short statement of your experiences, and we will try to put them up on our web site if possible.

Question: My doctors tell me it is hopeless to communicate with my friend in a coma. Is that correct?
Answer: We have no single answer to this question. In most situations where the person has returned to everyday consciousness, there is anecdotal evidence verifying that the comatose person felt communicated with. In our experience, using Comawork sensitively and lovingly is potentially helpful for all concerned.

Relationship Work

Question: Can process work help me get back together with my friend?
Answer. Process work often helps relationship situations by dealing with awareness of signals and the dreaming process, but the goal of the work is not one particular relationship “state” but rather awareness of what is happening.


Question: Can the worldwork aspect of process work be applied to schools?
Answer: Yes, especially stressing the “playfulness” aspects of role play.

Question: How do people deal best with the stress of processing issues is groups?.
Answer. The answer to this depends upon the experience, and culture of the people concerned and the individuals. If people are fearful, then their fear and the thing causing the fear should be recognized as “roles” to be gently dealt with. In war or high conflict zones, it is important to appreciate that some people may not want to talk about stressful situations at all, while others do. Make two kinds of work for both groups when possible. Note, in religious communities, a particular belief system can be used to maintain awareness “in the fire.”

Question: Are certain groups addicted to conflict?
Answer. Much of the aggressive behavior we are all capable of is due to the fear of more pain, and revenge because of painful memories. No one we have ever met is “addicted” to conflict.

Question. Does Worldwork include Non Violent communication?
Answer. Yes, but we see this as a process, not a state or program, because awareness work seeks the
essence to everything, including both subtle and strong emotions.

Question. Why don’t conflicts just clear up after a while?
Answer. Dialogue about CR issues alone is not enough without processing the background or historical
sense of persecution.

Question. Does worldwork deal only with large group conflict?
Answer. No, not in our mind. Worldwork is an awareness attitude, an approach to situations including large and small groups, relationships and individuals. Worldwork stresses the collective groundwork to each of these situations, using a field oriented or global perspectives. Thus, worldwork is an approach, an attitude, a feeling skill for working with the innermost reaches of each of us as well as the global field of events of which we are all part.