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Welcome to Amy and Arnold Mindell’s Website!

Amy Mindell is best known for her development of the metaskill concept in process oriented psychology, for her process work on comatose states, and for her artwork. This work includes drawings, music, animation and puppets in the process work paradigm. She published five books, and her published papers include studies of worldwork, movement, and  music.

Arny Mindell developed process work or what is called today, “process oriented psychology” (p.o.p. in Europe+Asia), in the mid 1970′s. Beginning with Taoism, physics and Jungian psychology, by the 1990’s, he expanded process work to include quantum theory and “deep democracy”. This deeper form of democracy applies to all organizational levels and states of consciousness for individuals and groups. Now process work applies to individual therapy, body problems, coma and near death experiences, large group, and organizational change management.

Arny’s recent research and practice has lead to “process phase” ideas integrating inner work with large group conflict.

Together with colleagues in Portland and around the world, Drs. Amy and Arnold Mindell are co-founders of the original school of process oriented psychology in Zurich, Switzerland in the early 1980’s. Today, the Mindells consult and work as facilitators on community and conflict problems for groups, organizations, cities and governments worldwide. They teach process work, give personal therapy and classes in their home city of Portland, Oregon, USA and work in many places around the world.

Amy’s books include Metaskills, Alternative to Therapy, and Coma-A Healing Journey.

Arny’s books include Dreambody, The Shaman’s Body, Sitting in the Fire and ProcessMind.