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Since I, Amy, was a child, I sang and played guitar, piano, and dulcimer. But it was not until I turned 40 and lost the upper range of my voice, that I began to write my own music. Read further to find out how to listen to (and see) many of my songs:

60th Birthday Music-Videos: Recently, I celebrated her 60th birthday at the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon. There, I shared some of my original songs and was accompanied by musical friends. Click here to see music-videos from that evening.

Other Music Videos: Click here to view some of my other music videos and educational videos about process oriented psychology.

CD’s: I has composed and recorded several albums of music, which I share with you here. To listen or download the tracks for free, click on the album images below, or you can buy a physical copy of one of them. I hope you’ll enjoy them!

First Bloom

First Bloom (2011) is a collection of some of Amy’s earliest and favorite original songs. Here you'll find a wide range of styles that flow from classical to contemporary, from folk songs to spiritual music, and from adult insights to childlike creativity. The songs draw on Amy’s background and practice as a process oriented therapist and group facilitator and address the beauty and struggles of everyday life while emphasizing the richness of our dreaming nature.

(c) 2016 Amy Mindell

The Stars At Night

Music from Amy’s first animated film, “The Stars at Night” (2008). (You can also view the whole film or watch individual videos.)

(c) 2016 Amy Mindell

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up!

Starring Silly Milly and the Vitamins

In this fun and entertaining collection of songs for kids and adults, Amy’s puppets sing their answers to the question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

(c) 2016 Amy Mindell


Let Me Float on the Wind

Listen to an eclectic blend of some of Amy’s early and more recent voice, guitar, and piano tunes. You'll also hear her little “opera” called “The Master of Gloom.” 

(c) 2016 Amy Mindell