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Books by Amy Mindell

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Books by Amy Mindell

Lao Tse Press.

From her experience and knowledge of process oriented psychology and creativity, author, therapist, and artist Amy Mindell takes you on a journey to discover the hidden creativity and inspiration in your body, in material objects, in the environment, and even in your day-to-day work. Her book THE DREAMING SOURCE OF CREATIVITY, shows how dreaming and imagination are essential aspects of a fulfilling life.

Filled with stories, easy to follow exercises, and over 100 pictures, THE DREAMING SOURCE OF CREATIVITY offers simple and easy ways to creatively enjoy and work on yourself by sensing the “intentional field”, the dreaming source of creativity that is always present within and around you.

You discover how creativity arises from almost nothing and is hidden even in the most mundane parts of life. You will tap your deepest nature using art, music, puppets, movement, relationships and other amazing worlds. The creative methods in this book are also helpful for those therapists who would like to bring a creative and artistic dimension to their work. Process oriented psychology offers a unique, mind-expanding approach to creativity based upon dreams, body experiences, and overall life situations. Using the “intentional field” as the source of creativity is a new and unique perspective in art therapy, acting, and dance.

Available as a paperback or eBook from Amazon

LaoTse Press, Portland Oregon.

The magical figures in this book make learning how to work with yourself and others an enjoyable experience. From 18 years of studying the situations arising in the practice of therapy and in the supervision of client/therapist interactions, a core group of imaginary figures (from Amy’s dreams) reveal central issues and principles in therapy. (350 pages.)

Available as a paperback or eBook from Amazon

Lao Tse Press, Portland Oregon.

“COMA” guides family and health care professionals in contacting people in deeply altered or comatose states of consciousness. Coma work attempts to raise the awareness or even awaken people in these states—regardless of the origin of these states—by assuming their experiences are potentially significant and meaningful.

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Review from www., by Linda J. Thorlakson
Independent Publisher January,1999 Mindell’s revolutionary guide paves the way for an exciting journey through the depths of human experience. It renders a diagnosis of coma anything but a dead-end road.

Tempe, Arizona. New Falcon 94/Lao Tse Press

Metaskills, the feeling attitudes behind personal therapeutic talents, are the alpha and omega of healing. Amy breaks new ground in a theory and practice of the most ancient of all arts.

Available as a paperback or eBook from Amazon

New York + London. Penguin, Lao Tse Press, 2000.

An overview of Process Oriented Psychology based upon a seminar given while they were scholars in residence at the Esalen Institute in California.

Available as a paperback or eBook from Amazon



The Life of Flowers: 80 art creations with flowers and plants (June 2017)

Life of Flowers image.jpeg

In this art magazine, Amy's colorful and expressive flower-art figures reveal how nature’s creativity can inspire your own creativity. Each of her pictures uses only flowers and other plants. After looking at this magazine, she hopes you too will be inspired to dream and create with nature! 

Available as a paperback from or eBook from Amazon