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to May 8

IRELAND: A+A Seminar: Why Were You Born? Let's Find Your Deepest Dream + True Spirit To Help Yourself + Our Troubled World .... + IAPOP Conference + Lecture

--A+A Seminar: Find your greatest power to help yourself and the world. 

--IAPOP Conference: for everyone interested in Process Work!

     (A+A 1st Day Lecture "Your World Leadership Pattern")

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to Apr 28

Worldwork 2017 Greece: Deep Democracy in a Changing World of Divides. Shifting Consciousness In Politics, Economy, Ecology And Relationships

The Greek Process Work Community in cooperation with the Athenian Institute of Anthropos (AIA) and the International Association of Process oriented Psychology (IAPOP) present a 6 DAY International Conference lead by the large Worldwork staff; The seminar focuses on historical issues, and present day economic, environmental, social, and political situations.

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to Oct 7

A r n y' s Fall PORTLAND DIVERSITY TRAINING + Supervision Classes

 Group Process Facilitator Training. BRIEF APPROACHES to WORLD DIVERSITY ISSUES 

How do we change the world and awaken to power, social and psychological rank, pain and diversity issues? Around the world, many millions of people are in pain because of diversity issues of all kinds.   EVENING SUPERVISION CLASSES

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