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Translations by Sylvia Ondrosová, Matús Bakyta, and Boris Sopko
721-stupnová spätná väzba (2.4MB PDF file)

Translations by Zuzana Labosova
Hudba, Tajomno a Snový Proces (131KB PDF file)

Translations by Andrej Jelenik
Amyne Hyperpriestory (1.4MB .rtf file)
Demokracia A Vojna (165KB Word document)
Rozhovor s Arnym Mindellom: Rozhovor viedol hostitel Talk Show Gary Null (52KB .rtf file)
Worldwork 1997 Interview Rtzgovwa Milan lgnjatovi (856KB .jpg file)

Translations by Miroslav Simkovic
Amy Mindell on the Development of Process Work
Cat Saunders interview with Arny on Deep Democracy
Relationship between Helper and the Client Arny Interviewed by Tamara Scarlett-Lyon 2009
Sarida Brown interviewing Arny for the Caduceus Journal
MonthlyAspectarian interview with Arnold Mindell May 1995