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Books by Arnold Mindell

THE LEADER’S 2ND TRAINING: For Your Life and Our World

In "The Leader’s 2nd Training," Mindell introduces tested 2nd Training Inner Work, Bodywork, Relationship, and Large Group methods for personal, group, and world conflicts. Two key ideas are that everyone is needed as a 2nd Training leader to facilitate conflicts worldwide, and that 2nd Trainings are based on a Big TOE (Big Theory Of Everything).

1st Trainings in Leadership should include, at the minimum, diversity awareness, group process skills, business leadership concepts, and conflict methods. Such cognitive trainings, while very much needed, are not enough to help our planet’s worst social and environmental problems. Therefore, this book introduces 2nd Training methods to enable all 1st Trainings to work better. 2nd Trainings help people to become effective leaders by increasing their awareness and ability to FLOW—and be creative and powerful during conflict! 2nd Trainings reduce tension, and thus create solutions and friendships.

Thanks to physicist Stephen Hawking and others, the TOE intends to unify the immense spaces of Relativity and tiny spaces of the Quantum world. Mindell now suggests a Big TOE, which includes not only Physics, but also Psychology, Spiritual experience, and Social awareness. 

Mindell’s 2nd Training methods have been widely tested around the world, with thousands of people and dozens of organizations, including the U.N. and government leaders.

Available as a paperback, eBook, or audiobook from Amazon.


SITTING IN THE FIRE: Large Group Transformation Through Diversity And Conflict (2018)

We are thrilled to announce that Arny's seminal book, Sitting in the Fire, is now available as an audiobookMany thanks to Cathy Bernatt for her technical skills and wonderful narration!

Sitting in the Fire is a dramatic text filled with examples about how to deal with abuse, revenge, anger and rage in multicultural settings. There are methods for developing eldership as well as process work views on revolutions, and racism.

For more information and to purchase, visit Amazon.



The Shaman’s Body: A New Shamanism for transforming health, relationships, and community

A psycho-shamanic exploration of the teachings of Carlos Castaneda’s Yaqui Indian teacher, Don Juan Matus. This book is a passionate spiritual text filled with practical exercises showing the shamanic underpinnings of everyday reality.

For more information and to purchase, visit Amazon


Conflict: Phases, Forums, and Solutions (2017)

for our Dreams and body, relationships, organizations, governments, and planet

Conflict: Phases, Forums, and Solutions introduces new and globally tested conflict resolution methods. Mindell's introduction of the phases and forums appearing in conflict work has been applied cross-culturally around the world. This new work has been very helpful for individuals, organizations and governments in North and South America, Europe, Russia, Africa, the Middle East, India, and Asia.

The book emphasizes and extends Mindell’s "Deep Democracy" concept to apply to all kinds of diversity issues. There are 28 chapters that demonstrate, explain in detail, and provide many examples and training exercises to work with inner and outer conflict.

The book also provides meditation methods for facilitators to work with their own dreams and body experiences prior to doing outer conflict work. In a way, this book is several books in one.

Mindell says in this book, "Finding solutions to conflict can be an urgent matter of life and death. Solutions are crucial, but they are often unsustainable without everyone learning to relate better to one another and to the issues involved. Relating is an art, a psychology, as well as a hard science." 

Available as a paperback or eBook from Amazon.

Deep Democracy Exchange

The “Dance of the Ancient One” (Arny’s July 2013 book from the Deep Democracy Exchange) describes a particular, altered state of consciousness like the one astronauts experience moving in outer space. This “dance” mirrors the universe’s space-time force that moves everything in it.

In this book, the reader experiences Einstein’s theory of relativity and also Lao Tse’s Tao. These experiences helpto experience detachment when working with inner, health, relationship and world events.

——–From the Back of the Book———-

DanceOfTheAncient One is a new space-based movement meditation to facilitate personal and international issues

Dance of the Ancient One is an interdisciplinary method and experience connecting psychology, physics, and spirituality. This method can be used to work with difficult personal situations and organizational issues.

The author shows in 24 chapters, with 60 pictures and at least 30 inner work exercises how to use this new “dance” for relationships  and organizational group work.  This book is filled with many different kinds of international personal and group stories.

Dr. Arnold Mindell, is originator of processwork or process oriented psychology.  He is author of twenty books, has years of experiencein private practice, open forums, small and large group organizational and government facilitation.

The viewpoint of this book is simple:  facilitators dealing with personal and world problems need this new “dance” for detachment, insight and empathy to deal effectively with apparently impossible inner and world issues.

However “Dance of the Ancient One” is not just about conflict, anger or love, but stresses a “big picture”, a special feeling for the universe we live in. This feeling is related to Einstein’s space-time, that is the fabric of the universe. Mindell shows the experience of the universe’s space-time, or gravity may be a central element not only of many spiritual traditions, but also of future psychologies, psychiatry, and organizational management.

For more information and to purchase, visit Amazon.

Quest Books

****In 2012 Processmind was in “ForewordReviews” top 10 finalists award for the best mind, body, spirit book of the year.

Available as a paperback or eBook from Amazon

Read a three page Excerpt of ProcessMind

Einstein said, “I want to know the mind of God, the rest are details”. This book is therapist Arnold Mindell’s response. By processmind he means an earth-based experience of the universal state of consciousness that, he argues, pervades all reality. It is perhaps our most basic, least known, and greatest power, combining the nonlocality of modern physics with altered states of consciousness found in peak experiences.

What makes this book unique is that it offers some experience of this mind-state to the reader. Mindell does so by connecting cosmic patterns seen in physics with experiences occurring in psychology and world spiritual traditions. He draws together ideas about Aboriginal totem spirits, quantum entanglement, and nonlocality to describe the “structure of God experiences.” Enhancing his clear presentation are around 80 illustrations and 30 experiential exercises based on tested approaches that actualize our deepest, unitive consciousness. Through rational thinking and earth-based, inner experience, the reader can sense how the processmind’s self-organizing intelligence helps with dreams, body symptoms, relationships, and large-group conflict issues. Altogether, the book is a kind of user’s guide to tapping into an immense power that can benefit our own individual life and, ultimately, the world.

Mindell himself advises against believing any processmind theory or related belief system about the universe’s possible code. Don’t believe anything until you test and prove that a theory works at least in everyday life! Such doubting, he hopes, will bring the belief systems of spiritual traditions and sciences closer together.

Contents of the PROCESSMIND:

Part I. The Processmind in Your Personal Life
Part II. Using Processmind with Symptoms, Relationships+World
Part III. The Processmind in Science and Religion
Part IV. Nonlocality and the Entanglement Dance
Conclusion: Ubuntu: The World’s Future

Recommendations for PROCESSMIND:

From physicist AMIT GOSWAMI

The appearance of this book should be celebrated everywhere. Although for some time, some of us quantum physicists are talking about the advantage of an integrative approach to science and spirituality using quantum physics to transpersonal psychology, transpersonal psychologists themselves have been less than enthusiastic. And now a psychologist of the caliber of Arnie Mindel has used the integrative approach in his own inimitable style no less….

—Amit Goswami, quantum physicist, author of The Self-Aware Universe, The Quantum Doctor, God is not Dead, and Creative Evolution.

From Roshi, JOAN HALIFAX, Founding Abbot, Upaya Zen Center

This extraordinary book has been described as “a user’s guide to everyday life and to the universe’s hidden dimensions.” Written with lucid language and energy emanating off the page, Processmind is an invitation to be on a path of discovery that is beyond theory, and is more a field concept that opens a practitioner to that edge between life and death, where mystery resides.

—Joan Halifax is Founding Abbot, Upaya Zen Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

From physicist: FRED ALAN WOLF

Bridging the considerable gap between mind and nature has been and will most likely remain a worthy goal well into the next millennium. None better pursuing this goal has been the work of Arny Mindell. “Process Mind” is his latest work dealing with this elusive subject only this time the value and purpose of it all is made even clearer by bringing in the idea of a Super-mind or Mind of God and how It effects your mind, spirit, and happiness. Fred Alan Wolf, PhD.

—Fred Wolf is Author of “Time-loops and Space-twists: How God created the universe”

From astrophysicist ACHIM GOERES

(In ProcessMind,) Arny Mindell takes us on a courageous expedition into the vast unknown land where science, psychology and transcendency converge. “ProcessMind” is a marvelous journey through experiences and visions, which may lead us one day to a “grand foot”, a holistic understanding of our complete world. This is much more essential than the TOE, the Theory Of Everything, which physicists are currently chasing. Although quite accessible for non-scientists, this book is a treasure trove for anyone who has some sense for natural philosophy as well as for experienced psychologists. ProcessMind opens doors to the understanding of tomorrow, though humankind might need another century to really grasp the potential behind Mindell’s ideas.

—Dr. Achim Goeres, theoretical astrophysicist, Berlin, Germany.



PATH AWARENESS: in the teachings of Don Juan, Richard Feynman and Lao Tse

Lao Tse Press

The Yaqui Indian shaman, Don Juan, says “align yourself with the powers of the earth”. The Nobel prize winning physicist Richard Feynman tells us that elementary particles sniff all paths and take the one with least action. The mystic Lao Tse says, “the sage follows the way, and everything benefits.”

Arnold Mindell now combines and updates these various teachings from shamanism, physics and Taoism to create what he calls earth-based “path consciousness”, a fundamental, human spiritual experience linked to the nature of the planet earth.

By connecting quantum physics with aboriginal mythology, Mindell develops new methods to guide us and determine the best momentary psychological direction through inner turmoil, relationship trouble, and community issues. By connecting “path awareness” to the inner experience of the earth as well as the real physical universe, he develops elementary methods that can be learned by anyone and applied just about anywhere.

In the 22 chapters, 9 appendices and 114 pictures and diagrams, you find ca. 250 pages of Earth based Psychology describing new “directional methods” for dreamwork, relationship awareness and organizational development. In the appendices you can catch up on the basics of quantum thinking and vectors.

Now available as a paperback or eBook from Amazon

Book Review From Independent Book Reviews, Trade Show 2007 issue

Although a highly credentialed Ph.D., Dr. Arnie Mindell is not difficult to understand. What is hard to fathom is why no other psychologist has seen these connections before. Most psychologists provide insight, therapy, and personality adjustments based on the assumption that individuals must adjust to society and culture. How can we ever become well-adjusted if that which we are seeking to adapt to is itself somewhat out of balance?

If we look to nature and physics for a model of relationships between matter, particles, and movement and how they interact, we can align our psychological inner work to mirror the way all things involving matter and energy perform.

Sentient awareness involves not just the everyday adjustments we accept to function in civilization, but also a welcoming of the noetic, the ineffable, and the dream-like, among other subtle pressures from forces in the Universe.

Lest the reader think that Mindell is giving us science lessons, they need only apply themselves to the 22 chapters and the many exercises that are simple to practice, but that have profound “aha” consequences. For example, chapter 11, “The Physics and Aikido of Least Action,” includes exercises involving Snow White, the Tao Te Ching, and waltzing with a chair. The net result: a respite from using guile to cope with stress and a reliance on”whistling while we work.”

This wonderful follow-up to Mindell’s series that covered dream-bodywork and quantum healing practices has its chapters divided into four parts and includes intriguing headings such as “The Universe’s View of Body Symptoms” and “Where Relationships Come From,” the latter of which includes the insightfulness found in the geometry of love. Earth-Based Psychology has 11 short valuable appendices such as “Quantum Mechanics in a Nutshell.” It also has 16 pages of endnotes, a six-page bibliography, and a helpful nine-page index. This is a groundbreaking and delightful way for 21st-century seekers to think about and use psychotherapy, whether as an individual or therapist.

Reviewed by; Thomas Peter von Bahr, Pacific Northwest Group, Lopez Island, Wash.

Thanks to the -800/463-9243 for bringing this review to our awareness.

Hampton Roads

With many practical exercises, this book explores how and why dreams influences your biology, and how emotions are linked to invisible, (quantum) dimensions of symptoms. Awareness training and examples make the theory a living experience connecting psychology, biology and physics. There are chapters on anti-aging, music therapy, and symptom oriented relationship-work in which symptoms are influenced by non-local aspects of relationships with individuals and communities.

For professionals and clients focusing on symptoms, for students of the life sciences and physics, The Quantum Mind and Healing:

  • Integrates alternative and allopathic medicine attitudes creating useful symptom approaches

  • Shows how physics, biology and psychology come together

  • Explores the quantum and dreaming dimensions of symptoms

  • Suggests why + how community problems effect symptoms

  • Show why and how music can be medicine

  • Uses awareness as an time-bending factor to explore the origins of life and death.

Available from Amazon

On the back cover: By Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D. Author
of Cheating Time, Matter into Feeling, Mind into Matter, the National Book award winning Taking the Quantum Leap and many other books.

Dr. Arnold Mindell’s latest work goes farther than his previous Quantum Mind and lays the ground for 21st century healing. Anyone practicing medicine or needing healing today will find great value in reading it.

Mindell, taking up where Carl Jung left off, has emerged as the leading expert in the uses of metaphors and concepts from quantum physics to heal the mind and psyche. This book is both an opportunity to learn psychology and how quantum physics notions offer new hope as well as a manual of operations for the psyche filled with new processes and imaginative insights

Book Award; 2004 New Age Retailer Narcissus Award Finalist (from over 4,500 entries)

Book review of June 12, 2004 by Thomas Peter von Bahr; of the Pacific Northwest Group.


We are thankful to the United States NLP Magazine, “Anchor Point” and to the reviewer, Charles Levine for the following reviews of Arny’s books, The Dreammaker’s Apprentice, the Deep Democracy of Open Forums, and The Quantum Mind and Healing.

Download .pdf file


Book Reviews – Sept 2004 Today’s Books; PNS Publish 500

” !!!! Exceptional – Adult Nonfiction €“for Consciousness/Alternative Healing; Quantum physics. Chronic illness. Guided exercises. ”

(From ForeWord Magazine, Volume 7, Number 5, September/October 2004)

” Mindell offers an original, level-headed exploration of human psychology, physics, medicine, spiritual traditions, and the importance of awareness, so as to develop “greater understanding and relief from physical pain.”

From Shirley Maclaine: “Despite his many achievements, it is not a stretch to say that The Quantum Mind and Healing is quite probably Mindell’s most important and best work yet. In it, Mindell explains that you can use the discoveries of quantum physics to access your body’s own intelligence and self-healing abilities. Embracing both conventional and alternative medicine, he shows that to truly heal you need both medicine and your own natural wisdom.”‘

How to Transform Organizations into Communities: Practical Steps To Conflict Prevention And Resolution For The Family, Workplace And World

Hampton Roads

++NOTE!! NOW available as a Kindle PC Download for your computer from (Just click the book cover above and you will go there)

The focus of this organizational and group development book is practice; the deepest feeling skills and essential linear techniques needed to facilitate small and large groups. This work is adaptable to any known group or organization. Process-oriented Open Forum methods create less stressful and more creative transformations through inner and outer awareness work. The concept of the psycho-social activist is introduced together with insights into the resolution of severe organizational conflicts and war.

Available from Amazon

Review quote: on back cover by Daniel Bowling, JD, CEO, Duke University Dispute Management Center, Durham, NC. “Repression of conflict destroys countries, communities, organizations, relationships, and love. Unless we learn to use conflict to develop awareness, we will ultimately destroy our world. Dr. Mindell brilliantly and clearly teaches us how to follow the Tao of Conflict, the path of paradoxical awareness.”

From Shirley Maclaine

“You can take the subtlest of signals and use them to transform impossible problems”

Hampton Roads 2001/Lao Tse Publishers 2008

“DREAMMAKER’S APPRENTICE uses “Heightened States of Awareness to Interpret Dreams.” It is about the psychological and spiritual Interpretation of dreams. It’s been 100 years since Freud, and this is a beginning of a new process oriented dreamwork based upon perception of subtle signals. The new method includes analytical and gestalt techniques yet gives the dreamer a sense of the origin of dreams.

Available from Amazon


From the book

I bring forward exercises and experiments that give us access to that invisible Dreammaker’s mind and the “tug” we feel from subtle, usually forgotten, altered states of consciousness and mystical experiences that occur continuously throughout both day and night. This book is about learning to experience these altered states, and using them to understand the meaning of dreams. In this way we can each know, in our own way, the thoughts of God and the meaning of dreams—the Dreammaker.

It is my belief that without the experience of the source of dreams, we cannot properly understand dreams. The aspect of dreamwork I stress in this book informs you about how to live your life better by living closer to that virtual source of dreams, the experience of the Dreaming and thoughts of God. Also, when you live closer to the source of dreams, you sense and understand your everyday life as arising with all those things you call your problems and symptoms. When you know the Dreaming behind everyday life, problems no longer seem like frozen states, but are experienced as streams of creative power. You feel rooted in an awesome, unfathomable, but deeply enriching universe.

Hampton Roads

Life is depressing without access to the Dreamtime, to the world of Aboriginal Australia, and to its connection with the Quantum Mind. The soul like essence of events is presented as the central issue of all meditation procedures, and reveals the resolution to many issues in everyday life. A pioneering work connecting quantum physics with Aboriginal Dreamtime Thinking, ancient Buddhist philosophy of the Abhidhamma and modern psychology to form a new awareness work. Written with cartoons, this easy to read book has been described by some “as the missing basis to a truly transpersonal psychology.”

Available from Amazon

From the Book Review Section of the Institute of Noetic Sciences:

” Reading the book is much like taking a step into the Dreaming, stepping outside of time and rigid thought patterns in order to notice that we are truly not separate from “sentient reality,” but rather one expression of that same Dreaming reflecting back on itself. (Laurie Simpkinson is on the staff of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Her previous dream research includes work with Stephen LaBerge and Amit Goswami.) See the entire review from Shift magazine.

Book Description from Publisher now follows:

What if you could dream 24 hours a day, even while awake? According to innovative psychotherapist Arnold Mindell, PhD, we already do. The seeds of dreaming arise in every moment of the day, in body symptoms, problems, relationships, subtile feelings, interactions, random thoughts, and fantasies. We’re getting countless little cues from the unconscious every minute. All are signs from the world of dreaming. And, according to Mindell, we can be in this state of lucid dreaming all day long.

In Dreaming While Awake, Mindell shows how to become aware of these “flirts” from the dreamworld and how to interpret their message. The goal, he says, is to be wide awake and lucid 24 hours a day in the midst of this unending dreamfield of information.

Practicing 24-hour lucid dreaming:
  • Helps you solve personal, physical, and emotional problems

  • Serves as a preventive medicine for relationships and health, helping you catch the earliest warning signs before they turn into problems

  • Helps resolve conflicts in relationships, families, large groups, corporations, even politics

Dreaming is the mystical source of reality, says Mindell. “My goal is to make the Dreaming roots of reality so accessible, so visceral, that your conscious mind will give you back your right to dream.”

Lao Tse Press 2000, Deep Democracy Exchange 2013

New Edition 2013 by the Deep Democracy Exchange. This book connects, in a step-by-step, and elementary fashion, psychology and dreamwork with math and quantum physics, to create the basis for a new integrated science. Topics from the psychology of numbers to the creation of the universe and the origins of reality are considered.

Available as a paperback or eBook from Amazon

Reviewed by David Stein, Joint Staff (Defense), Pentagon, Washington DC. Quoted from his book review at Frontier Perspectives, a Publication of Temple University, Philadelphia, Volume 10, Number 1, Spring 2001.

Quantum Mind is at the forefront of a paradigm shift that may be unprecedented in scope. In large measure, the book was possible because of Mindell’s brilliant insights and his rare capability to identify relationships among several areas of knowledge €“ relationships that escape notice (in CR) by many others. He communicates concepts from diverse fields in an effective, exciting, and reader-friendly way. For example, he uses metaphors that will help some readers appreciate nature more: Alice in Wonderland to compare CR with NCR, a juggler to illustrate shuffling symmetry, highway speeding to illustrate the uncertainty principle, and athletic fields to explain mathematical fields. One chapter presents a historical perspective, discussing the marginalization of the spirit during the Renaissance, in which “objective science” replaced Church dogma as the repressor of personal experience. Nuggets of perennial wisdom, familiar to many people on paths of self-development, come alive as Quantum Mind relates them to mathematical and scientific principles. The book is a must-read, not only for those who want to explore the exciting new possibilities in the sciences but also for anyone on a path of self-development (as is everyone, in a sense). Complete with its practical exercises, this book can be not only read but also experienced.

 Download the full review (50Kb Word file)

Comments from Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D., author of “The New Alchemy,” “The Spiritual Universe,” “The Dreaming Universe,” and the national book award winning “Taking the Quantum Leap.”

What Mindell accomplishes is breathtaking in its scope, and in its ability to communicate difficult ideas easily in a friendly teaching manner. Using his notes from the course taught for years to students of psychology, his experience as a therapist and physicist, and his clear writing ability makes this book a must-read for students and lay persons interested in the ever-growing field of depth psychology. Mindell sprinkles psychological exercises throughout the text providing the reader with imagined experiences of entering a black hole, appearing in parallel universes, taking the mind boggling quantum leap, and many, many others. It is at once a physics text, psychology text, and a friendly popular read. I highly recommend it.

Review by Midwest Book Review, from Oregon, Wisconsin

In Quantum Mind, Arnold Mindell takes the reader to the common root underlying both physics and psychology to reveal physics as the basic pattern for understanding psychology, and the psychology of perception as the basis of physics. Mindell offers a wealth of practical guidance backed by theoretical insight. He brings quantum awareness to such everyday matters as difficult relationships, physical symptoms and life-threatening illness, spiritual emergence, and the complexities of community life in a world of human diversity.

Starting with the psychological foundations of numbers and counting, Quantum Mind takes the reader on a fascinating tour of mathematics, quantum physics, relativity, and cosmology — showing at each point the myriad levels on which human consciousness and the physical world intertwine and co-create one another. The reader comes to know the universe and individual consciousness as two sides of an interactive mirror reflecting one another. Quantum Mind is a seminal, ground-breaking, enthusiastically recommended, completely accessible survey and analysis that will engage, inform, and challenge students of psychology, psychotherapy, physics, and the symmetry between the mathematics of physics and everyday perceptual experience.

Lao Tse Press 1997, Deep Democracy Exchange 2014

A dramatic text filled with examples about how to deal with abuse, revenge, anger and rage in multicultural settings. There are methods for developing eldership as well as process work views on revolutions, and racism.

Available as an eBook, audiobook, or paperback from Amazon

Review From Caduceus Magazine Book Review. 2002

This work goes beyond current theories of group dynamics to create a new perspective known as “Worldwork”. Worldwork is aimed at hearing all that needs to be represented in the group; transforming the patterns of abuse and domination, which permeate most cultures and groups, through paying attention to the effects of power, rank, revenge and abuse.

Sitting in the Fire is a thought-provoking study of the humanness which pervades all groups and somehow organizes their interactions; those dynamics which seem to overtake us and give us the feeling that large group interactions are unsafe and difficult to deal with. Dr. Mindell explains how this happens, outlines strategies for staying aware and techniques to facilitate the transformation of situations beyond our known comfort zone. In order to transform our beliefs around community, this book informs us about how to:

* study notions of rank and privilege and their effects on personal interactions;

* learn how to recognize revenge and hear the story of hurt behind it;

* notice the signs of abuse and how to support those who have been abused, or have abused, in their healing processes;

* honor the importance of eldership in the transformation. (eldership is the ability to be able to support both the sides of the conflict at the same time.)

Review from Bookshelf: 1993. Book Review of the Month

Mindell, a well-known psychologist and author, prescribes deep democracy and effective leadership for many of the troubles of our time. His arena is not limited to organizations, but includes communities and even nations in all areas of the globe, many of which he has attempted to work in. He calls us to ‘worldwork,’ a method that helps small and large groups of people to live, work, and grow together within their environment (p.3). This approach unites psychology and the other social sciences with physics and spirituality — but is not limited even to these widely divergent fields.


“Sitting in the Fire” was mentioned in the New York Times on 11/11/12. Click  to read.


A psycho-shamanic exploration of the teachings of Carlos Castaneda’s Yaqui Indian teacher, Don Juan Matus. This book is a passionate spiritual text filled with practical exercises showing the shamanic underpinnings of everyday reality.

Available as a paperback or audiobook from Amazon

From Booklist, November 15, 1993

Mindell’s is one of the most sober-minded and informed recent books on the subject. He warns us, for instance, that shamanism is not an individualistic search for peak experience but a form of psychic community service. His is an unsentimental, unsensational view of shamanism that emphasizes its challenges rather than its ego-gratifying power. Using the vocabulary of Carlos Castenada’s Don Juan books, Mindell discusses shamanism in many aspects of Western life–for instance, in therapy, medicine, and partnering. His strong, mature voice merits wide hearing. Pat Monaghan.

Read an excerpt from Chapter One. (PDF format, 84 KB)

P.S.   This book is a process oriented view of Castaneda’s (real   or fantasy) shaman   figure, don Juan Matus.   His teachings follow the broad outline of ancient Toltec concepts.

Penguin-Arkana 1994/Lao Tse Press 2007

(from the back cover)

Arnold Mindell’s ground-breaking work with comatose patients offers a new direction in the study of near-death experiences and psychotherapy. Dr. Mindell argues that people in a metabolic coma are human beings in an altered state of consciousness which may be an important and meaningful experience for them. Like a mythical hero who ventures into the unknown and returns with a divine message, he shows by means of case histories that many comatose patients who have revived (and many cases of metabolic coma do revive) report experiences of prophetic insight, ecstasy, and self-knowledge.

The author demonstrates his techniques for communicating with the comatose patient through verbatim bedside reports, theoretical discussion, and practical exercises based on process-oriented psychology, a Jungian-derived therapy that he developed using dreamwork and bodywork in the 1970s. Based on evidence that the comatose person is able to communicate with others, the author argues that such patients can often make conscious, rational decisions, thus adding a new dimension to ethical and legal debates about near-death conditions.

Available as a paperback or eBook from Amazon.

Note: Aspects of this book appeared internationally on stage, produced by the London based “Improbable Theatre”, in 2001. NBC’s TV “Unsolved Mysteries” aired comments from this book in 2002, and December of 2003.Comment from Stephen and Ondrea Levine

” We cannot recommend this book highly enough.”

Deep Democracy Leadership in Conflict Resolution, Community Building and Organizational Transformation.

Deep Democracy Exchange, 2014.

A book about the practice of dealing with large, multicultural groups, with global theories and applications to business and politics. Definitions of Field and ghosts, connect leadership with the martial arts.

Available as a paperback or eBook from Amazon

Comment from Michael Murphy, founder of Esalen Institute

” This book shows how the deeper layers of human nature can be engaged in large and small groups, and how capacities for leadership can be brought into play during many kinds of social situations. The Leader as Martial Artist is unique, groundbreaking work.”

Comment by Angeles Arrien

” In the twenty-first century this book will become a classic guide for leadership that empowers and preserves the ecological well being of human beings as well as Mother earth herself.”

 Penguin, Lao Tse Press. Now Republished with a new Preface.  (Thanks to Amy and CreateSpace 2014)

 How to work on your symptoms, dreams and relationships alone, using channels of awareness, including seeing, hearing, feeling, body movements, and the environment.

Available as a paperback or eBook from Amazon

Review from BoMi (Body Mind in association with

In Working On Yourself Alone, Arnold Mindell applies the insights from Process-Oriented Psychology to meditation and personal awareness. You will find him drawing heavily on Eastern traditions and wisdom, as he makes the case that through following our own inner process we can discover our natural meditation practice that will at times include proprioceptive (body) work, auditory focus, artwork, breathing, etc. I found the book very practically useful both as a student of meditation and as a student of process work. I liked it because it gave me insight into HOW TO burn my wood and trusting my own process (even becoming conscious of what wood there is for me to burn). In contrast to Leader as Martial Artist or Sitting in the Fire, Working on Yourself Alone focuses much more narrowly on personal applications of PW.

Penguin-Arkana 1990, Gatekeeper Press 2019

A first book about the mythic background to world problems, and descriptions of new methods for dealing with large groups.

Available as paperback and ebook from Amazon

Penguin-Arkana 1988, Lao Tse Press 2009

A first book defining “extreme” states including psychotic experiences and how to deal with them with and without the use of medication.

From the back cover:
“The city shadows are the repressed and unrealized aspects of us all., lived openly by the so called €˜mentally ill.’ In this compassionate book, the Swiss analyst Arnold Mindell, … presents mental-health professionals of all kinds with new and exciting challenges in their work. Process-oriented therapy does not see patients, a priori, as sick, but as people experiencing, extremely, states with which we are all familiar to some degree; and they are best helped by connecting and working with the language of their bodies and interior worlds.”

October 2008: Arny’s Rethinking Extreme States

The medical paradigm has relieved much human suffering. But the allopathic medical basis, still makes people feel “sick,” and may contribute to isolating us from one another. One of Jung’s gifts to the world was his understanding, for example, that dreams are meaningful. He called them teleological, that is meaningful, not pathological or only problems.

We need a more teleological view of unusual mental states as well. That is why I called statistically unusual forms of consciousness “extreme states” instead of “illnesses.” The medical paradigm and approach are important, but the larger view, that all human experiences belong to the total picture of who we are as a human race, is important at well. Someone with unusual mental experiences, someone in an extreme state, is not just ill, but a “city shadow,” a part of our larger collective, a voice that is usually marginalized.

My book, City Shadows, written twenty years ago, was meant to initiate and outline methods for understanding, working with, and integrating people suffering from unusual states of consciousness instead of only isolating them from the rest of the world. May the future pick up this initial direction and move forwards in appreciating the vast diversity in our human nature.

Available from Amazon

Penguin and Gatekeeper Press

New paths in relationship work, based upon training and studies of signal exchanges and myths. Filled with examples of using space, dreams, and postures as signals.

Originally published in 1987, the 2019 2nd edition has been updated!

Available as a paperback or eBook from Amazon

Penguin and the Deep Democracy Exchange

A renewed definition of therapy, based upon Taoism, connecting mythology, divination, and modern physics.

Available as a paperback or eBook from Amazon

Penguin-Arkana 1985/ Lao Tse Press, 2000. Republished with new Preface by CreateSpace2014.

A popular and practical book about how to work with sensory channels, the body and dreams. Makes dreambodywork accessible.

Available as a paperback or eBook from Amazon

Sigo Press, 1981/Lao Tse Press 2000

The cornerstone connecting somatic experiences with dreams and myths and fairy tales, describing the author’s transition from Jungian Psychology to process work.

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National Theatre Play Bill Magazine July 11, 2004 on about what is happening with Dreambody at Sundance Theatre July 5-25th 2004.

” Dreambody (working title) written and directed by Krzysztof Warlikowski, “a new piece adapted from the writings of Arnold Mindell to be directed by Warsaw-based theatre artist, Krzysztof Warlikowski. Utilizing case studies and other text from Dr. Mindell’s work, Warlikowski and his actors will create a play that addresses the body’s role in revealing the unconscious. Drawing from Grimm’s fairy tales, as well as other sources, Warlikowski explores the field of mind/body connection.” “

Link also to article : The Dreambody: A New Integrative Approach to Illness by Pierre Morin, MD, Ph.D.x

Penguin 1992, Lao Tse Press, 2000

An overview of Process Oriented Psychology based upon a seminar given while they were scholars in residence at the Esalen Institute in California.

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