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A r n y' s Fall PORTLAND DIVERSITY TRAINING + Supervision Classes

  • Process Work Institute 2049 Northwest Hoyt Street Portland, OR, 97209 United States (map)

Arny’s  Afternoon Classes: Sept 23, 30, Oct 7. Fridays, 3.30-6.30pm



How do we change the world and awaken to power, social and psychological rank, pain and diversity issues? Around the world, many millions of people are in pain because of diversity issues of all kinds.

In the 20th century alone, 100 million people died in conflicts and war. Our news is filled with agony around issues of sexual orientation, race, religion, sexism, nationalism +many more diversity issues.

There are many ways to address, fight and deeply feel into each of these issues. Each has her/his/their own best methods. Be an activist, government or social leader, mediator, .... All methods are needed and more are needed as well! ==> I will briefly point to NELSON MANDELA's Approach<==

In this class, Arny recommends two central group process “eldering” methods characterized by their RAPID INTERVENTION ability. These methods can be keys to momentary resolutions that allow further solutions to follow.

Small and large Worldwork processes often require time for change. However, recent processwork developments allow facilitators to help conflicts within minutes. These developments can also be used by mainstream organizations as well.  

Classes 1+2 discuss theory and innerwork applied to brief group processes on homophobia and racism; Class 3 is about the meaning of supervision, and it’s application in class. The 3rd class group process focus will be decided by the group.

Class 1:   "Brief" Open Forum work for World issues- possible focus on Homophobia

Class 2:  Elder-Shaman’s Brief “BIGWAY” for Organizations- focus on Racism

Class 3:  FACILITATOR 721 SUPERVISION: 1st+2nd Training in World Work; Focus ??


Fri  EVENING SUPERVISION Classes, 7:30-9:30pm Sept 23, 30, Oct7

Sept 23+30 Case supervision individual work [also illness, extreme states... +group work [groups, families, organizations] Focus mainly on inner development, body symptoms, near death experience and (if time) outer work - understanding with all stakeholders in family, organizational, human rights issues, government and political systems.

Oct 7. Diplomates Case supervision. (For Dips. only)

For those meeting face to face, the place is at the Process Work Institute. For those joining from a distance by conference, audio or video streaming, please contact

All Classes are Open to the Public, also Distant Learning via telephone conference, audio and/or video streaming Contact

===========Oct 9. 6:30-8 All Community Open meeting for all who want to come. At PWI in Portland.