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Arny's Classes: ProcesWork's TOE (Theory Of almost Everything) and Supervision

Jan 27, Feb 3, and 10, 2017 Arny’s Friday Classes: 3:30-6:30 pm

Origins of Consciousness and

Processwork’s big  TOaE  (Theory Of (almost) Everything)

from our timeless nature to “reality”.

Did the universe begin with the BIG BANG? Where  and why did it begin? What is life? Why are you here?

Our world needs TOaEs to approach these big  questions and to integrate medicine and psychology, aboriginal shamanistic religions, quantum theory, and relativity.  

PW can help. These classes approach such TOaE (s) from a process oriented, and “quantum” perspective for dream+body work, medicine, relationship, group +world issues.

We develop new ideas based upon process work’s connection to quantum theory.

Such work will lead to new ideas about birth and death, unusual states of consciousness, meditation and about how our universe began.

 1.  Before The Big Bang!: Pw’s Big TOaE—Dreamtime+ Quantum “Woo”

2.  The Body’s Medicine  From The Universe’s Quantumwoo”

3.    Why Are You Here!? ..And...Your Toe In This World.

Note, a (TOE) is a normally a physics theory that tries to put together Einstein’s theory of relativity for our universe and the quantum theory’s world of smallest particles.  (Thanks to Jane and Stephen Hawking (astrophysicist) for the film, “Theory of Everything.”


    Open to the Public, also Distant Learning Contact


SUPERVISION Classes: 730-9:30pm

--Jan27 . Focus Individual, Small and Large Organizational Process  (also for Masters in PW Cohort 5+6). Focus on inner development and outer work-understanding with all stakeholders in family, organizational, human rights issues and political systems. Open to the Public, also Distant Learning via telephone conference, audio and/or video streaming Contact

-Feb 3 Diplomates Case supervisions.(For Dips. only) For those meeting face to face, and at-a distance, the place is at the Process Work Institute.  please first contact

Feb 10. Main Focus on Organizations first, then on Illness (and near death ), and including all other work if time permits (Welcome pwi program, Masters in processwork; Macf 6 and PW Cohort 5). Open to the Public, also Distant Learning Contact