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Arny's Classes: ProcessWork's TOaE (Theory Of almost Everything) and Supervision

Jan 27, Feb 3, and 10, 2017 Arny’s Friday Classes: 3:30-6:30 pm



   (A TOaE, a Theory Of almost Everything)

from our timeless self to “reality”

Did the universe begin with the BIG BANG? Where  and why did it begin? What is life? Why are you here?

Our world needs TOaEs to approach these big  questions and to integrate medicine and psychology, Aboriginal shamanistic religions, quantum theory, and relativity.  

Who are we? What happened at the beginning of the universe 13.8 billion years ago, before the BIG BANG? Scientists seek answers but don't know for sure. An earlier Pope told cosmologist Stephen Hawking, "don't think about what happened before the big bang!"  Was the Pope right? well...

To answer how, when and why you and I originated, we need a missing "TOE", a "Theory of Everything," for these "big" questions. A "TOE" would bring together the universe's space with the tiny, microscopic spaces of particles. A TOE might unify psychology, medicine and religion.

Perhaps processwork can help? January classes approach "TOaEs" in a way that will help with personal life, with dreams and body work, medicine and the meaning(s) of life.  We will develop processwork ideas connected to quantum theory (I'll make it simple), and the sense of the "Gods."  New ideas may appear about birth and death, unusual states of consciousness, and how our universe began. 

The 3 Friday classes are Jan 27, Feb. 3, and Feb. 10, 2017, 3:30 to 6:30 pm, Portland, Oregon time.

1. Before the Big Bang. Processwork's "Big TOaE", Quantum "Woo", and consciousness.

2. Your Body's Medicine From the Universe's Quantum "Woo."

3. Lucid Living, and Possible Reasons Why We are Here

------**Note, a (TOE) is normally a physics term for putting together Einstein's theory of relativity for our universe and quantum theory's world of particles and waves. I use "TOE" to also include psychology + religion as well as physics.

Thanks to Jane and Stephen Hawking (astrophysicist) for the film, "Theory of everything."   

Welcome to Intensive Course participants.

Contact This class and evening supervision can be taken "on-line" as well as in person at PWI in Portland.


SUPERVISION Classes: 7:30-9:30pm

--Jan 27 Supervision. Focus Individual, Small and Large Organizational Process (also for Masters in PW Cohorts). Focus on inner development and outer work-understanding with all stakeholders in family, organizational, human rights issues, and political systems. Open to the Public, also Distant Learning via telephone conference, audio, and/or video streaming. Contact

--Feb 3 Supervision--Main Focus on Organizations first, then on illness (and near death), and including all other work if time permits. (Welcome PWI program, Masters in Processwork). Open to the public, also Distant Learning. Contact

--Feb 10. Diplomates Case Supervision. (For Dips. only) For those meeting face to face, and at-a-distance, the place is at the Process Work Institute. Please first contact