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  • AKS Porto Heli Port Cheli Argolis Greece

Amy and Arny will be doing this seminar, preceding the Worldwork conference in Greece.

For Inner and World Conflict: 

Relativity and Shamanism

Daily News is filled with examples of how democracy is not working well. That is why we developed "Deep Democracy” in the 1980's to work with real outer world issues, using activism as well as inner experience and outer signal awareness.

In this seminar, we increase the application range of Deep Democracy for inner and world conflict work, with Einstein's "General Relativity" (the curved nature of our spaces and times). We will show in a simple way, how this involves shaman Don Juan's "Death Walk" and Joseph's "Coat of Many Colors."

Background: Worldwork and Deep Democracy have brought diverse groups in our world closer. Intense world issues have always been complicated by historical and international problems, by racial and class differences, sexism, homophobia, personal histories, and many other issues. 

We saw "Worldwork"  (for inner problems and large groups) address diversity issues in small and large organizations often creating moments of understanding in open forums. Such understanding was supported in part by people who were both realistic activists, and also dreamers. These people reminded us of indigenous healers, shamans, and religious leaders we have worked with around the world. 

Conflict resolution method including social action, as well as awareness of communication signals (ghost roles and hot spots, etc), can be learned. But the altered states of consciousness, the dreaming and essence levels of Deep Democracy  needed for sustainable relationships require inner work as well. Though everyone is born with the same ability to dream and help the world, societies today marginalize both the activist's realistic power and the shaman's dreaming

In this seminar, we will the use Einstein’s general theory of relativity for the first time, to connect with Carlos Castaneda’s shaman, Don Juan. This will help us be realists and also explore the altered states of consciousness needed to facilitate sustainable, ongoing relationships between conflicting parties. 

Our world not only needs a deeper democracy, but you to be a new leader who is both a realist and a shaman with a coat of many colors. Together, we'll help create more diversity awareness and a home for all.   

 Day 1 (10am-1pm, 2:30-5:30) Inner and Relationship work: How RELATIVITY updates SHAMANISM for Conflict Work

 Day 2.(10am-1pm, 2:30-5:30) New Small Group World Training:  Your  LIFE WALK,” an ALLY for WORLD Tension

Readings from Amy's "Metaskills," Castaneda's work, Arny's "Deep Democracy of Open Forums," and "Shaman's Body" are useful, but not necessary. 

Contact Organizers: Venetia Bouronikou and Lily Vassiliou

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Location: Porto Heli, Greece, :,23.1440996,15.06z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x149f97c8e62e7125:0xd884334c8df9674b!8m2!3d37.3272364!4d23.1516527

Venue: AKS Conference Center, link:

Hotel: AKS Porto Heli Hotel. For information on special rates for participants see