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  • Process work Institute 2049 Northwest Hoyt Street Portland, OR, 97209 United States (map)

A r n y ’s Friday Afternoon May 19 and June 26 classes and Evening Supervision


ProcessWork helps us communicate with ourselves, and others; with individuals + nations with awareness of Consensus Reality and Marginalized States of Consciousness. Connecting to our deepest and often marginalized “essence level” spirit can create wonders

P.W. developed by being empirical, and following realistic and subtle magic messages of inner and outer worlds. Recently Quantum Physics and Einstein’s Relativity have been a great help. 

Arny is thankful for this development and inspiration not only to Amy Mindell, and to all our friends and colleagues, but also to Arny’s teachers. Seen in the pictures are the healers from the Giriama Tribe in East Kenya, as well as to the Swiss Jungian, Dr. Franz Riklin, M.L. von Franz, Barbara Hannah, C.G. Jung, and Lao Tse. Arny is grateful to his physics teachers - see Einstein’s space-time and relativity. Arny and Amy also gained insights from Aboriginal peoples (sorry not all in picture); the Haidas in Canada, elders from  Australia, Brazil, and the Rinzai Buddhist group in Japan.

Arny thanks many individual and group clients from around the world, seminar+worldwork participants, government and U.N. leaders, +business groups for affirmation of processwork  methods.

 Now, in these 2 classes, previous learning (including cognitive +non-cognitive) methods integrate recent research and experiences from WorldWork in Greece. 

1.  May 19: Your ESSENCE Leader-- Prior to Dreams; Physics and Trance-State experience for inner and worldwork

2.  May 26: Your 2nd Training Relativity+Shamanistic RELATIONSHIP BRILLIANCE;

Contact  for online and in person registration for Arny’s afternoon+evening classes.


SUPERVISION: Friday Evening Classes 7:30-9:30pm

Arny’s Friday Evening Supervision Classe 7:30-9:30pm May26

May 26 Diplomate Supervision.

(For Dips. only) For those meeting face to face, the place is at the Process Work Institute. For diplomates joining from a distance by phone, please contact for online and in person registration

(write 2 lines to Arny personally ( to present a case)