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Arny's Portland afternoon+eve. classes; Processwork's MAGIC, Past+Future...and SupervisionClasses

  • Process work Institute 2049 Northwest Hoyt Street Portland, OR, 97209 United States

A r n y ’s Friday Afternoon May 26 and June 2 classes and Evening Supervision

ProcessWork's Magic,

Past and Future

   Processwork’s essence is the Tao, or NATURE’s Way.  Follow people, in all states of consciousness, as individuals and nations, as spirits and real bodies.

     P.W.  developed from dreams, from inner wonder+ outer empirical signals, from
our teachers in Africa, Australia, Switz., China, from Jung, from theoretical physics and from our universe.
    We thank our "teacher-clients" around the world. Now, we review the essence of processwork, + ask where is it going?  

      Arny includes learning from WW in Greece and explores the nature of the 2nd (non-cognitive) training in processwork.  
(See some of our Teachers’ Pictures include our African shaman, Riklin, Von Franz, Hannah, Jung,  LaoTse, Joseph, Einstein’s universe and Processwork's “universality”.

May 263:30-6:30 Class 1. PW from the Tao of Shamanism, Physics and Jung.
June 2  
3:30-6:30 Class 2. 2nd Training; Love Nature, life, death+the 2nd Training.

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Arny’s Friday Evening Supervision Classes 7:30-9:30pm May 26, June 2nd

May26, General Case work including Physical Illness, worldwork, businesses etc.

June 2 Diplomate Supervision. 

(For Dips. only) For those meeting face to face, the place is at the Process Work Institute. For diplomates joining from a distance by phone, please contact

June 4:  6:30-8 All Community Open meeting for all who want to come. At PWI in Portland.

Contact for online and in person registration