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Arny's Sept Classes: 2nd Training for Chronic Problems+ 1 to 1 Work

  • Process Work Institute 2049 Northeast Hoyt Street Portland, OR, 97232 United States

Arny's Sept Classes:

Processwork's 2nd Training’s Revolution as

2nd Training

for INNER and 1 to 1 WORK

Sept 22, and 29     3:30-6:30pm

Processwork is a Science for personal, global and cosmic events,  and an ART. We can all teach processwork’s science, and (only) encourage our own and others creative Art.  As in worldwork seminars,  1st trainings update your methods (science) and 2nd trainings are based on YOUR ART. 

To be most effective, you need both science and art for best results.

Classes 1+2 (Sept 22+29:  3:30-6:30pm) focus mainly on Your Art in

1.   INNER WORK;  2nd Training Art for Personal Chronic Problems

2.  RELATIONSHIPwork: 2nd Training Creativity “Beneath” Double Signals

          Beneath? Yes, Arny will explain a NEW double signal work in class with new exercises. These classes will show how, in principle, help is  always  near.   They show that chronic inner and relationship issues are not only bad for they can challenge us to connect with Zen’s“Empty Mind” or your “processmind” experience. This experience is always present, but rarely accessed.

 CONTACT: to attend in Portland, or “On-Line” through the internet

==>Please also note, on these Fridays, there will be SUPERVISION, in person+internet connection for:

Fri 22nd 7:30-9:30pm: Case SUPERVISION of individual +group processes

Fri 29th 7:30-9:30pm: Diplomate Supervision

CONTACT for in person+internet connections

Oct 1. 6:30-8 All Community Open meeting for all who want to come. At PWI in Portland.