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Processwork’s New 2nd Training

for Group, Organizational, and Government Facilitators

Fri, Sep 8, 2017 1 pm to Sun, Sep 10, 2017 1:30pm, Yachats, OR, USA

Recent world politics, indicate that Democracy is obviously important...but weak in reducing conflict and protecting marginalized individuals, groups, nations, and everyone.

"Demo-kratie” or Democracy needs a revolution. Why? Because it is too static and mainly power-based. "Demokratie" from the Greeks in 500 BC, means "power" and "people." Democracy changed our world!

But now we need a REVOLUTION, a deeper democracy where leaders and everyone are trained to communicate, flow, and relate with awareness. We need more art, dreaming, and courage to speak about reality problems and what is on our hearts.  We need ELDER-leaders with new communication skills, to reduce social abuse and war. As we have said before, "Deep Democracy" is a SCIENCE that can be described, taught, witnessed, and measured. And now ...

We stress a new "Deep D" Facilitator's "ART" (or 2nd Training). This training depends on working with personal and social abuse issues, using inner feelings, and the art of "universe-like experience." 

     As is now widely known, Deep D. is a science involving outer social and environmental realities, signals, rank, power, communication edges, phases, and essence-like experiences. However, the ART of Deep Democracy is a spontaneous, creative inner/outer experience that helps shift to new styles of leadership to deal with social-world issues. Deep D includes awareness of changing "phases," the courage to speak out, and also a Zen-like* open mind. The Deep D REVOLUTION has already helped many organizations worldwide, and also governments. 

    In this seminar, we stress the process of "UNITING of Nations," and not just the single goal of a united nation or nations. We also include recent learnings from a Worldwork seminar. 

Thanks to Viktoria Saat for this picture from Greece.

Thanks to Viktoria Saat for this picture from Greece.

Join us in this Deep D, 2nd training seminar to create a world that works better for all. Expect inner explorations, and large and small group processes to reveal your facilitator-powers. There will also be new interaction-based, dynamic 2nd training assessments for present 2nd trainers and for all those interested in the 2nd training. 

  Day 1.  THE PROCESS REVOLUTION SPIRIT with abuse and body problems for Groups and Organizations

  Day 2. BIG TOE REVOLUTION: The Power of Art for Large Group and Government Forums

  Day 3. New 2nd TRAINING SELF-EXAMS for Everyone to update their Facilitator Skills. 

-----------------Contact Dr. Jai Tomlin  for information or to register:

* We thank Fukushima Roshi of the Buddhist Rinzai sect for his teachings.

**Thanks to  for the use of their Revolution picture