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2nd TRAINING, Science, Art + Exam Seminar

  • Yachats, OR

The 2ND TRAINING...Science, Art, +Exams

for Inner, Relationship+Large Group Processes

Processwork is a SCIENCE that can be taught, described, and witnessed, and

Processwork is also an ART which depends upon inner awareness-work in connection with inner and real life outer situations.

The Science can be taught, and involves, outer realities, phases, and inner events. But experiencing and exploring the Art is in part, a spontaneous dream-like event that depends upon "inner" guidance. In this seminar, we explore teaching, learning, sharing and practicing the 2nd training, and observing its realistic and "artistic" effects.

There will be self check-up exams for 2nd trainers, and exploratory exams for those interested in the 2nd training.

Intent, (not just momentary success) is thepoint.

Day 1. 2nd Training on Innerwork with chronic problems.

Day 2. 2nd Training "Intercourse" in Relationship and Worldwork

Day 3. 2nd Training Exams, Inside and Out