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  • Yachats, OR


Processwork’s 2nd Training

for Group and Organizational Facilitators

Fri, Sep 8, 2017 1 pm to Sun, Sep 10, 2017 1:30pm, Yachats, OR, USA

Recent world politics, indicate that Democracy is important...but weak in reducing conflict and protecting marginalized individuals, groups and nations...and everyone.

“Demo-kratie” from the Greek, means power and people. “Demo-kratie” or Democracy needs a revolution because it is too static and power based.

In 500BC, Democracy changed our world.  But now we need another REVOLUTION, a deeper democracy where leaders and everyone is trained to flow, communicate, and relate with awareness. Without communication skills, we have too much war and too little relationship.  

In this seminar, we show that “Deep Democracy” is a SCIENCE that can be described, taught, witnessed and measured. We also stress and the experience and practice Deep D  as a Facilitator’s “Art” or “2nd Training” that depends upon awareness of inner, real world and universal experience.

     As is widely known, Deep D. is a Science involving, outer realities, signals, rank, power, communication edges, phases, and subtle essence experiences.  

     However, the ART of Deep Democracy is a spontaneous, creative, dream-like experience that helps us inwardly shift  from an older to new styles of leadership based on inner and outer awareness.

Deep Democracy is a process-oriented, relationship REVOLUTION for our world. It extends Democracy’s people-power  which reveals main roles, but not solutions. Deep D. includes awareness of changing “phases”,  and a ZEN - like* detachment as well as push and power! The Deep D. REVOLUTION has already helped many organizations worldwide, and also some governments.

Join us in this Deep D training to create a world that works better for all.  There will be self check exams for 2nd trainers, and exploratory exams for those interested in the 2nd training. In Deep D, your Direction, Interest and Intent, (not just momentary success) are the main points.

  Day 1.  The Process REVOLUTION Spirit For Small Groups and Organizational Leaders

  Day 2. The ZEN REVOLUTION For Large Group  and  Government Forums

  Day 3. 2nd TRAINING SELF EXAMS for everyone to update their FACILITATOR SKILLS.

-----------------Contact Dr. Jai Tomlin for information and to register:

* We thank Fukushima Roshi for his teachings.

**Thanks to  for the use of their  Revolution picture