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MOSCOW, Your Dreambody Message for Our World

Your Dreams, Body, and Dark Energy:

The Dreambody's Message

for Our World

Jung explored and discovered much about the personal and collective unconscious.Now, we realize that these deep "unconscious" experiences also appear in body feelings, experiences and body symptoms.

In the 1980's, beginning his work as an Jungian analyst in Zurich, Arny discovered and wrote about the Dreambody.  

The Dreambody is Body Experience, moved by Dreams +...yes the Universe!.

Since then, Arny developed Jung's work further into what is now called Process oriented Psychology. Research together with Amy  and others showed how the "unknown" dreaming world tries to express itself in phases, in our bodies, body symptoms, relationship signals, creativity,  and also in group and world processes.

In this 2 day seminar, Amy and Arny will explore how your body symptoms contain messages about improving your relationship with yourself and the world By connecting this new work with the new physics of the universe, that is, with

Dark Energy and Dark Matter,

dreambody work expands into our connection with the cosmos for our world.

Day 1 Saturday 10-1 and 2:30-5:30pm; Dreams, Dreambody Symptom processes and your World Task

Day 2 Sunday; 10-1, 2;30-5:30:    Your Dreambody's  connection to the Universe's Dark Energy for your Relationships and World task

 LOCATION; seminar place (The cultural center "Vdohnovenye" - translated as "Inspiration")

CONTACT, Dr.  Vladimir Maykov