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  • University of Applied Science Campus Treskow Allee 8, Berlin 10318 Germany (map)
The Tao that can't and can be said

Around the world, processwork has helped people with inner work and outer diversity tensions and conflicts. We now realize, that working with yourself and others requires 1st basic trainings, cognitive skills,  and also a 2nd Training -- or what we understand is a “SACRED-CREATIVE SPACE".     

Our main point is that To Communicate and Facilitate best with yourself and others,  “Commune with Nature”.

We will focus on Processwork’s basic 1st and (updated) 2nd advanced Training. This new work brings "sacred creative spaces” and "nonlocality" to the foreground of reality. 

New understandings of quantum nonlocality and the Taoist, Lao’s Tse’s not-doing, will help us commune with nature” and facilitate inner work, relationships, group, and world tensions.

In brief, Processwork, Quantum Theory, and Taoism can give us tools to help create our world's future. 

         Day  1.  The ELDERS 2nd TRAINING: Real +Sacred Spaces for You+ Our Relationships

Day  2.  New REALITIES: Quantum Non-Locality+Lao Tse’s "Not-Doing” for (small) group work on organizational and international diversity tensions

On the 2nd day, we may possibly create special focus on the European Union relationships and the history of facts and ghosts which still strongly effect relationships to power and diversity.

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Location:   University of Applied Science, Campus Treskow Allee, Audimax, Treskowallee 8, 10318 Berlin : see map:
and/ or Contact: for more information

We especially thank not only the Hanuman institute for this invitation but also our Czech, Greek, German, Slovak and all European friends, teachers and students, and their organizations.  

  • Saturday and Sunday Seminar 10am-1pm , 3-6pm  
  • Venue: “Audiomax at University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.” 

==>Please check back here Dec 2015 for possible slight changes.

Later Event: April 25
Siberia, Novosibirsk