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Recommended Books by Amy and Arnold Mindell

Recommended books for the frequently asked question:

QUESTION: Which of your books do you recommended to learn about process work? We answer; We can’t be objective and suggest first seeing the work of our colleagues (and our own) at the Lao Tse Press www.laotse.com, or at the Deep Democracy Exchange, or at the IAPOP website.

From our own books, we suggest those listed below. In particular:

General reader, a beginner about process work: Riding the Horse Backwards
For feelings skills in therapy: Metaskills
For ideas about creativity: The Dreaming Source of Creativity
For shamanism: The Shaman’s Body
For symbolic background to process ideas: Rivers Way
For beginning body practice: Working with the Dreaming Body
For connections with Jungian Psychology and Dreambody: Dreambody
A good beginner in Comawork: Coma, A Healing Journey
Connections between psychology +physics: Quantum Mind
For Dreamwork: The Dreammaker’s Apprentice
For Lucid Dreaming: Dreaming While Awake
For Relationship work: The Dreambody in Relationships
Group +Political Work- for diversity work, and in depth forums: The Year I, The Leader as Martial Artist, Sitting in the Fire, and The Deep Democracy of Open Forums.
For psychological interventions in psychiatry: City Shadows
For earth based directional experiences: Earth-Based Psychology
Spirituality, Physics, Psychology–the “Mind of God” for self and world: ProcessMind, Dance of The Ancient One